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My blog aims to offer efficient solutions to problems and situations entrepreneurs and business men may face in their daily work. I offer you articles based on my personal experience and knowledge in terms of marketing and organization. I will review marketing solutions, but also methods to organize your work, improve your CRM, manage your customer service, develop your network, etc...
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David Lim
Thank you for sharing
B2B Strategy in a buyer-empowered era - speaking @ ClickZ Live Hong Kong - Sat, 25 Mar 2017 00:20:56
Ret. AF, Hawaii AirGd
I had in 1994 gave a note for $5000 against my vacant land in a scheme and found out years later th (...)
Pyramid scheme and network marketing - avoiding traps - Wed, 16 Nov 2016 21:45:04
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Other | 13-07-2015 | 2,589 views

A popular trend in the current economy, called a sharing economy or, in other words, a collaborative consumption or, also, a peer economy, has already altered the labor market around the world, for example, the Uber's activity, which is so much talked around these times, influenced that taxi drivers striked in New York, Chicago, San-Francisco, Paris, London. The basic idea of the collaborative consumption is to earn on sharing own possession with strangers. It could, if further develops, greatly change not only the world's economy but people's self esteem.

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